About Me

Photo: Don Bell Photography 
For 15 years, I worked in sports broadcasting, and during that time, my favorite part about the job was telling stories. Whether it was a baseball highlight or a human interest feature...the writing and storytelling is what I loved the most.

I started e is for eat in October of 2011 as a way to tell a different type of story...one through food.

Starting in middle school as part of our weekly chores, my sister and I were required to cook our family of three dinner once a week. It was to be balanced with a protein, veggie and starch, and it had to be aesthetically pleasing as well. I believe my love of food and cooking began then. It was elevated when I studied abroad in Spain my senior year of college, constantly sampling new flavors and cuisines as I traveled through Europe following a three month program in Barcelona. This passion was further enhanced during my time in San Francisco, as I was inspired by fresh produce and world-class restaurants on a daily basis.

Whether it's the vibrant rainbow of colors at the farmer's market or the array of exotic smells at a spice shop, I love using high quality, local and fresh ingredients. From there, I take it a step further and think of interesting ways of presenting those ingredients. Instead of clam chowder, how about miniature clam chowder bread bowl bites? Instead of a jello shot, how about making them inside of a citrus peel? Instead of green bean casserole at Thanksgiving, how about green bean casserole grilled cheese sliders?

I'm a Montana girl at heart, but school and career have taken me to Washington, Spain, California, Connecticut and now New York as places I've called home. Always planning my next meal or vacation, you can find me whipping up creations in the kitchen, sampling new restaurants and jet setting around the world. You can also catch me roaming Kitchen Stadium as the new Floor Reporter for Iron Chef Showdown on Food Network. I will eat just about everything except bell peppers, for which I hold an irrational hatred. I can rarely say no to a platter of fancy cheese and a glass of bubbles, but my last meal on earth would be a carne asada burrito from pretty much any taco shop in San Diego.
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