Monday, July 22, 2019

A is for: ABCD Dip {Avocado, Basil, Cottage Cheese & Dill}

I'm going to be completely honest with you guys.

I wasn't really sure how this dip would turn out. I had an idea for something that utilized cottage cheese and fresh herbs to create a refreshing dip for veggies and chips. But having never actually used cottage cheese in a dip recipe, I just wasn't sure if it was going to work.

But, that's the fun thing about food blogging. You come up with ideas, try them, and sometimes they work... sometimes they don't... and sometimes the results completely exceed your expectations.

This was a case of the latter. I was totally blown away by how good this was!! Even my friend Rob, who hates cottage cheese was eagerly gobbling this down and totally shocked when I told him what was in it.

It almost has a Green Goddess taste to it, with a wonderful whipped, "moussey" consistency that is positively delightful.

**This blog post is sponsored in part by Hood Cottage Cheese. Recipe and words are my own. 

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