Sunday, March 31, 2019

W is for: Walt Disney World for Adults, Part I: drinking around the world at Epcot

It's known for being "The Happiest Place on Earth."

After spending three days at Disney World with six other adults... I can confidently say that moniker holds true just as much for the "kids at heart" as it does for the actual children themselves.

Adults can enjoy many of the same thing the kids do... meeting Disney characters, going on iconic rides, and eating all of the Mickey Mouse shaped food you can imagine. However, I think most can agree that the number one "adult centric" activity is participating in an "Around the World" drinking challenge at Epcot World Showcase, so that is where my Disney for Adults guide starts.

If you are an avid E is for Eat blog reader, you may remember that this is not my first time drinking around the world at Epcot. I also completed this bucket list item back in 2013, and detailed my experience here on the blog. I like to now think of myself as a seasoned veteran so I'm passing my knowledge along to you.

(Also, thanks, as always to Justin for the photos... which were truly magical from this trip.)

Monday, March 25, 2019

W is for: Wings {crispy, oven baked}

I do not profess to be a "wing expert" by any stretch of the imagination.

I like wings.

I adore Buffalo sauce.

But I will tell you this... whenever I make these wings for parties, there is never a single one left over.

Not. A. Single. One.

All I'm saying is I must be doing something right. Or maybe my friends are just really nice. Or perhaps just really hungry?

Or all of the above.

(Probably all of the above.)

Also... my wing method is ridiculously easy, so feel free to steal this recipe for Sweeet 16 this weekend and take all the credit. I won't tell.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

V is for: Vermont, Maine & Rhode Island Road Trip

Last year, my mom reached out to me with an interesting proposition. She is on a life-long mission to visit every state in the U.S., and was ready to knock a few of them off her bucket list while simultaneously taking in some New England fall foliage.

Even though this would've been a much easier task during my 4 years in Connecticut, I was determined to plan a mother-daughter trip that would be fun and memorable for both of us without a crazy amount of driving. After much research and google-mapping, I decided on overnight stops in Rhode Island, Maine & Vermont, with a drive through New Hampshire. Four days, four states and countless memories during a whirlwind fall road trip.

I highly recommend this trip to everyone (though, if you have more time, definitely space your stops out a bit and perhaps spend two nights in each place.) Ours took place during the first couple days of October, which, in retrospect, was a tad early for leaf peeping. But that's the beauty of Mother Nature. You truly never know when the leaves are going to turn.

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