Sunday, November 18, 2018

T is for: Todos Santos, Baja California Sur {el Pueblo Magico}

There are some places you visit, perhaps even enjoy immensely, but never return on account of you wanting to visit more wonderful places.

And then there are the destinations that intoxicate you. Seduce you. Make it so you never want to leave. And when, inevitably, you're forced to say good bye (because, well, life and non-refundable plane tickets), you immediately start plotting your return.

Todos Santos is one of those places.

This enchanting town in Baja California Sur was designated by the Mexican government back in 2006 as one of about 100 "Pueblos Magicos," or Magic Towns, recognized for beauty, history and culture.

And perhaps that is simply the best way to describe it... magical.

T is for: Turnovers with Bourbon Soaked Apples & a Hot Honey Glaze

Hey y’all! Justin here giving Jaymee a little break from cooking.

In our house, the common order of duties is: Jaymee cooks and blogs, Justin shoots and cleans. We decided to switch it up a bit and give you a different taste (get it??) I love everything sweet, have a huge affinity towards baked goods, and with it being fall and Thanksgiving and all... I figured how about some delicious apple turnovers!

Now to keep the theme the same here on E is for Eat I’ll get into a little story first. As you may already know, Jaymee and I moved to Brooklyn in October of 2017, which is prime apple picking season here in New York State. I’m a huge fan of visiting apple orchards this time of year to kind of usher in the season and get ready for a few months of holidays, friends and family. Sadly, our move coincided with fall, and with all the joys associated with settling into a new place there wasn’t much time for an apple picking excursion. Fast forward to 2018....
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