Tuesday, September 11, 2018

R is for: Redwoods {California Coast}

As many of you know, I previously lived in San Francisco for five years, yet somehow, I never made it far enough north to see the towering Redwoods of Northern California. Last fall’s Great Northwest Road Trip with Justin provided the perfect opportunity to check it off my bucket list.

As I detailed in previous posts, we started our trip in Montana, spent a few nights in Canada’s Lake Louise area, and continued down through Seattle and the Oregon Coast, where we stayed in an eclectic bed and breakfast called the Mermaid’s Muse, complete with a saltwater hot tub overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Justin and I continued along our Great Northwest Road Trip with a drive through one of California’s Redwood forests. During our adventure, I learned there are three species of Redwoods, but the Coastal Redwoods are the tallest living things on our planet. The highest one ever recorded stood 360 feet in the air, which is the height of a 36-story building just to give some perspective. But they aren’t just tall, they are true giants, measuring up to 18 and sometimes even 20 feet wide. The oldest ones have been around for thousands of years.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Q is for: Quahogs {Grilled Mexican-style Clams}

I really despise how everyone talks about Labor Day being "the end of summer." Quite simply, it's not. The last day of summer is actually September 22.

I get that it marks the return of football season and back to school for many, but I'm just not ready to let go. Winter is so cold and long (especially on the east coast), that I don't want to rush getting to it. Not to mention the fact we had a couple of 90 degree days last week, so it's certainly still feeling like summer outside. And while I do really love fall, I'm determined to hold onto summer for at least a few more weeks.

Part of the reason for that is my love for grilling on the rooftop of our apartment building. I will most definitely hold onto that as long as humanely possible. It's truly one of my favorite things about our location.

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