Wednesday, September 6, 2017

B is for: BBQ Beans in the Slow Cooker

I've found myself thinking a lot about my Grandma Joyce recently. She was my dad's mom, and truly one of the best people ever. My heart broke in half when she died of cancer when I was in 8th grade. She was so giving, so selfless, so full of life and love. She was sassy and funny too.

I miss her every day.

As I was getting ready to host a casual backyard BBQ for my birthday a couple weeks ago, I decided my Grandma Joyce's BBQ beans would be the perfect compliment to our spread of wings, burgers, steak and chicken.

I think she would've loved the party and I'm excited to share her recipe with you here on the blog.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A is for: Artichoke Jalapeño Hummus

All summer, I've been sort of obsessed with artichoke hearts. I've discovered the frozen variety at Whole Foods, and I love tossing them with olive oil and grilling them alongside my chicken or steak.

I'll throw the grilled 'chokes on salads, eat them as a side dish or dip them in tzatziki sauce or hummus.

And then it dawned on me the other day... (with the help from my friend Megan's IG post)...

What if I put them IN the hummus?!?

(For some reason that reminds me of Zoolander... the files are IN the computer.)

Anyways, so I made some hummus. With artichoke hearts. And jalapeños from my modest little garden. I brought it to two different girls outings and it was a hit, so I'm sharing here on E is for Eat.
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