Sunday, July 31, 2016

M is for: Monaco, Èze & Cannes {travel}

One of the things I love about living on the East Coast is the ease and proximity to Europe. I can basically get there for the same price and same travel time as it takes me to get to the West Coast. It's crazy, but true.

So when Dana and I chose to postpone our Asia trip until fall, we decided a shorter vacation was in order so that we had something to look forward to this summer.

Eventually, we settled on the South of France. Sunshine, beaches, great food, endless rosé... it had #adventuresofJayNa written all over it.

Because we only had a limited amount of time available, we elected to fly directly from JFK to Nice, France using credit card points. (Chase Sapphire Preferred FTW). We basically boarded the plane, ate dinner, drank some wine, went to sleep, and woke up in France. Seven hours on a red eye and we were there and ready for four and a half days of adventure in the French Riviera.

Oui s'il vous plaît!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

L is for: {grilled} Lemon Blueberry Smash

I'm super excited about this post for a number of reasons.

1.) Blogging twice in a month is a miracle for me these days, let alone in an 8 day span.

2.) The second reason sort of relates to the first because there's no way I would've done this without the help and of my cousin Erin, who is an amazing photographer and friend. She mostly specializes in newborn and family photos (you can check out her work here), but wants to start dabbling in more lifestyle and commercial work so suggested we collaborate on a blog post during her recent visit.

3.) These cocktails are DA BOMB and you should totes make some this weekend. (Yes, I just said "totes." Deal with it.)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

K is for: Kiwi Salsa

Where did June go?

No, seriously. How is it July 5th already?

And while I'm at it, what happened to May as well?

Always the case with summer, isn't it? Flies by, no time for anything except for having fun outside. (Like, blogging for example.)

But you do have time to make this salsa. Because it literally takes no time at all. (OK, not literally, but it's super quick, I promise).

It's supposed to be 95 in Connecticut tomorrow. NINETY FIVE.

You need to eat things like fruit salsa and grill things outside, like fish tacos. And then eat them with said fruit salsa.
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