Thursday, April 30, 2015

P is for: Piña Colada Jelly Shots

So I actually hesitated posting these.

Not because they aren't blog worthy or delicious. (Trust me, they are both).

But I recently purchased a fancy new camera for blogging and traveling and now I look back at my old photos and they just don't look as good. (I made these a few weeks ago before the camera purchase).

Go ahead and file this under: #foodbloggerproblems

But I digress.

These shots use real pineapple juice and real coconut cream and rum.

They are like vacation in your mouth. To get the recipe... head over to Tablespoon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

P is for: Pecking, Grazing and Rooting {Blue Hill at Stone Barns Restaurant Review}

I'm fortunate to say that I've eaten some pretty spectacular meals in my life. Among some of my favorites that come to mind are: my two amazing trips to Gary Danko in San Francisco, Mama's Fish House in Maui, and Aria in Sydney, Australia.

But recently, I had the pleasure of dining at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, which blows all of those places away. This is more than just a 5-star meal. It's a 5-star experience. 

My friend Dana shares my love for food and adventure and recently suggested this spot. Apparently it's a favorite of the Obama's, and it's easy to see why.

It's the epitome of Farm to Table dining, considering you're enjoying your meal AT an actual farm in the Pocantico Hills of New York.

Monday, April 20, 2015

O is for: Overnight Oats

Lately, my work schedule has demanded for some rather early wake-up calls.

Now, admittedly, for most of my career, 7am would've been early to me and you all would be rolling your eyes.

But these days, I consider 7am sleeping in. My alarm generally goes off at 4:45 so that I can be to work around 5:30 (sometimes earlier).

Like I said... early. Painfully early.

But I've figured out a couple shortcuts so that I can sleep as long as I possible in the morning before rolling out of bed, brushing my teeth, making tea, throwing on some clothes and jetting out the door. I've got it down to about 15 minutes flat by making two key changes:

1.) I shower at night.
2.) I make my breakfasts the night before.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

N is for: #NoChampagneLeftBehind {Savor CT}

One of the things I love about my West Hartford girlfriends is that they equally share my love and enthusiasm for drinking champagne on pretty much any and all occasions.

So when we all decided to attend the inaugural Savor CT event last night (with my mom Wendy in tow), our #NoChampagneLeftBehind hashtag was born. (Because, when you're paying $110 for a food and wine tasting ticket, you'd better get your money's worth, right?)

First, let me say that the event was a smashing hit among the six of us. A huge space at the Connecticut Convention Center in downtown Hartford was transformed into a food and drink adult playground.

Wine/beer/cocktail vendors and plenty of scrumptious food to fill our bellies (soaking up said bubbles).

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

N is for: Nutella Grilled Cheese & National Grilled Cheese Month

Happy National Grilled Cheese Month!

As far as food holidays go, I generally think they are a *tad* silly. But when it comes to grilled cheese, I will celebrate like it's Thanksgiving Day.

In all of my grilled cheese adventures, I've never really gone the dessert route. I've come close... my (epic) PB&J grilled cheese last year gravitated to the sweet side, but considering it used homemade bacon jam instead of a fruit jelly definitely kept it savory.

But with Nutella being the star ingredient here, this one is truly a sweet sandwich. And if you're thinking it sounds like a weird combo... I'll tell you the same thing I did when I posted the PB&J...

Don't you dare knock it 'til you've tried it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

M is for: Mexican Mule

I love me a good Moscow Mule.

But, I have a confession to make: I'm sort of a copper cup snob.

Before ordering a mule at a bar or restaurant, I may or may not first ask if they serve theirs in copper mugs. (I know, how very high maintenance of me).

But seriously, they are SOOO much better in a copper cup. I don't know why, they just are. They stay so cold and delicious and you just feel really cool drinking them.

In fact, I love the copper mugs so much, I ordered a set to enjoy at home.

Recently though, I've started to stray away from vodka in general. Gin is sort of my go-to at the moment (see, French 75). And I'm also loving tequila. Enter... the Mexican Mule.
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