Thursday, February 12, 2015

H is for: Heart Box Jelly Shots & Sangria Jelly Shots {for Valentine's Day}

Aloha party people!

Quick post on my last full day in Hawaii (not to worry... MUCH more on that coming in a future blog post). But as it generally does when you are on island time, time flies and it totally slipped my mind that Valentine's Day is in TWO days.

I will be spending mine with a few girlfriends attending 50 Shades of Grey (sorry, we had to). Whether you are celebrating the day with someone special or just hanging with friends, these jelly shots are sure to make your day a little sweeter (and boozier).

Both are wine-based, so they are a little less strong than your normal jelly shots, but just as delicious. To get the heart shaped shots, click here and for the sangria shots, click here. Happy V-Day!


  1. Jaymee, I'm an Italian who is looking for some new Italian recipes ... and you hate Bell Peppers? There must be a story there :)

  2. Hi,
    Just wondering if I can replace the alcohol in the jelly shots with something like the Torani or DaVinci flavored syrups ? and would I use the same amounts ? or use the add & taste method ?
    Going to make these for kids & grown ups so have to leave the alcohol out.....
    Thanks for some very fun recipes !


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