Wednesday, January 29, 2014

J is for: Jelly Shots {for the "Big Game"}

If you're planning a party to watch football on, oh I don't know, say... Sunday, February 2nd... then you should probably make these jelly shots.

Because of my collaboration with, I can't say the actual name of this football game, but if you don't know what I'm talking about then you should probably stop following this blog.

Sorry. That was kind of rude. (But true).

Anyways, this is a very festive way to kick off the festivities and you're sure to score points with your guests by making shots to coordinate with this year's teams (See what I did there?)

To get the step-by-step, head over to Tablespoon. Touchdown YOU!

Friday, January 24, 2014

I is for: Iceberg Lettuce Tacos with Slow Cooked Shredded Chicken

So I've been on this slow carb kick lately (which basically means I don't eat carbs or dairy during the week and then go crazy with whatever I want on Sundays). Oh! And wine. I can have red wine. So that's a win.

As difficult as it sounds, it's really not that bad. The cheat day gives you something to look forward to, and during the week, you just have to get a little creative.

Enter these "tacos."

You still get a little crunch from the iceberg lettuce, but you don't have to worry about the carbs from the tortillas.

To make them, I used my basic slow cooker shredded chicken recipe, which I realized I've never really posted on the blog. This chicken is super versatile... great for chili or tortilla soup, or as a filling for enchiladas (red or green!)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

H is for: Habanero Carrot Hot Sauce

I'm a bit of a hot sauce addict.

Look in my cupboard and you'll find Sriracha, Tapatio, Franks and Cholula. My fridge generally has at least a couple different types of salsa as well. On eggs... it's a must. And lately, I've been using it a lot at dinner too. (On a bit of a diet, so salsa helps to flavor things without adding a lot of calories).

One of my favorite casual dinner and drink spots in West Hartford is a place called Bar Taco. Even though it's not traditional West Coast Mexican food, it helps satisfy my taco and tamale cravings.

They also have a super bomb trio of salsas they keep on the tables. One is a habanero sauce that you only need a few drops to do the trick.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

G is for: Gorgonzola Stuffed Buffalo Turkey Sliders

It's time to start planning those Game Day menus, and nothing says football like a big plate of Buffalo wings.

But let’s be honest… as delicious as they are, wings can be a little messy, especially at a party. Not to worry… there’s a way to replicate that tangy, spicy taste in a way everyone can enjoy… sliders!

These sliders are like the love child between my March Madness Buffalo chicken sliders and my inside out burgers.

These use either ground turkey or ground chicken and are stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese… a classic pairing for wing sauce, which is mixed directly into the ground meat.

Friday, January 10, 2014

G is for: Gluten Free Ricotta Gnocchi

Whewwwwww. This post has been quite the adventure.

It started out as a simple idea...

I wanted to make gnocchi. (pronounced NYO-kee)

Then I decided I wanted to make ricotta gnocchi.

Then it turned to gluten free ricotta gnocchi.

Why did I want to make it gluten free? To be honest, I have no idea. While I do cook gluten free sometimes, I don't have a gluten allergy. I don't write a specifically gluten free blog.

But boy, when I get an idea in my head, look out. It's like I just hone in on this one thing and I become obsessive about it. Like... to the point that I made my boyfriend go out in the freezing cold with me on a Friday night to get more ricotta after I messed up the first batch.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

F is for: Farrotto with Pears, Prosciutto & Sage

Helloooooo 2014!

I have a feeling this is going to be a fantastic year, so what better way to kick it off than with my latest favorite creation.

Sometimes the best dishes are the result of improvisation. I knew I wanted to make a Farrotto (sort of like risotto, except with farro), but I hadn't yet decided what kind.

Originally, my plan was to do something with butternut squash and sage, as I had recently made a lasagna for Christmas using those flavors and loved it. However, being hungover this morning and not really wanting to venture out of the house, I decided to go shopping in my refrigerator. I still had some leftover sage from the lasagna, a few pieces of prosciutto leftover from my New Year's charcuterie board, and a pear (which I forgot to add to the board). Suddenly I was in business!
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