Saturday, December 7, 2013

C is for: Christmas Jelly Shots

Fill in the blank.

Nothing says "holiday cheer" like ____________.

If you said "holiday jelly shots," then we can be friends.

December equals holiday parties.
Holiday parties equal booze.
Booze equals jelly shots.

This is about the extent of my math skills.

But I promise there is little to no math involved in making these delicious boozy treats. It's a take on ribbon gelatin desserts you probably grew up with as a kid. I just spiked the red and green layers with vanilla vodka for a cheery Christmas concoction.

To get the recipe and the step-by-step how-to, click here to head over to Tablespoon.


  1. If you wanted to make these without the vodka, would you use the same amount of vanilla extract?

    1. Yup... that should be fine. Just sub water for vodka.

    2. No!! 1.5 cups of water in place of vodkas you could add msybe s half teaspoon of vanilla extract but not totally necessary

  2. Thanks for the festive recipe! Making this and cranberry jello shots with sugar coated cranberries for garnish.

  3. Would this be good in single serve plastic shot glasses following the same layering?


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