Thursday, November 28, 2013

B is for: Black Friday Breakfast Frittata & Green Bean Casserole Sliders

Black Friday is something I’ve never participated in. I have an aversion to large crowds of people fighting over discounted merchandise.

I prefer to do my Christmas shopping from the comfort of my home when possible (AKA online shopping), sometimes even collecting gifts before Thanksgiving. (Did I really just say that? Wow, I’m turning into my mom).

But for those of you who will be rising at the crack of dawn to brave the masses and wait in long lines… this recipe is for you (click here).

And if you’re like me and plan to just sit around and eat leftovers on Black Friday, well then, I have a recipe for you too (see below).

Remember my green bean casserole grilled cheese sliders (the ones that won bronze in a grilled cheese recipe contest?) Well, these are sorta based off those except much easier in that they just use leftover green bean casserole, turkey and dinner rolls from Thanksgiving, along with some brie cheese. (BTW... I hope you made yours with all homemade ingredients this year!) To get this super simple recipe, click here to head over to Tablespoon).

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