Monday, September 30, 2013

T is for: Three Ingredient Beef Tacos

Aside from the impending heat wave scheduled to hit Central Connecticut this week, I think we can all agree that once the calendar turns to October... fall is officially here.

And you know what fall means? (Aside from all things pumpkin)... Time to bust out my slow cooker.

There's really nothing easier than popping a cut of meat into a slow cooker in the morning, only to come home to an aromatic house and dinner just a few minutes away from being ready.

This particular recipe takes the simplicity aspect one step further. All you need for this one? Three ingredients. (Well, four if you count salt, which I don't). Just like my Coca-Cola marinade, this one uses the acid from soda to help break down the meat. Add your favorite taco ingredients, and you've got a quick and inexpensive dinner that couldn't be easier.

To get the recipe, click here to head over to Tablespoon (plus, you'll get 10 other slow cooker recipes using Coke). Happy Fall and Happy Slow Cooking!


  1. Wow Jaymee, this is a good one. I have the pickiest kid this side of AT&T Park and he loved it. I only recommend you slow roast a rump roast on low not high. Mine cooked a little fast and was tough pull.

  2. Omg these look amazing, i've actually never tried a taco, and love this sort of stuff, gonna try some of these recipes for burritos tacos and that sort of food.



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