Wednesday, March 27, 2013

M is for: Mays on a Plane

Welp...the cat's out of the bag.

In what's been a horribly-kept secret (kudos Bay Area Sports Guy), many of you know I recently moved to Connecticut to take a job with ESPN. Considering my first day of work was Monday, I feel I can now finally talk about it here on the blog. (Apologies to those I haven't been able to respond to on Twitter, Instagram, etc in the past few weeks).

First of all, I'm incredibly sad to say good bye to San Francisco. I absolutely fell in love with the city, the food, and especially the people. In my five years at Comcast SportsNet Bay Area, I covered some unforgettable events (2 World Series Championships, a perfect game, and a trip to Japan to cover the A's in 2008). I also ate some amazing food and bettered my own skills in the kitchen, constantly inspired by the amazingly fresh produce available in California. But most importantly, I made some amazing friends and connections whom I will cherish for a lifetime. I was fortunate to properly say good bye to most of those people (and restaurants) on an epic tour of the Bay Area that I plan to document here on the blog at a later time. (If you follow me on Instagram, I took you along for the ride).

Monday, March 25, 2013

M is for: March Madness {Buffalo Chicken Sliders}

Considering I haven't been working over the past four weeks, I'm feeling a little detached from March Madness this year. Working in sports television usually translates to a palpable buzz around the office come tournament time. There are generally several people hosting bracket pools and everyone is talking about their pick to win it all.

That's not to say I'm not going to be totally into the drama and excitement that comes with the NCAA Tournament. And since I've also been neglecting the blog lately, I figured that cooking up a March Madness appetizer would be a perfect opportunity to whet my appetite for basketball.

I don't know about you...but whenever I think of watching a big sporting event, buffalo wings always come to mind. I love the tangy, spicy flavor cooled off by ranch or blue cheese dressing. But what I don't generally love is how messy they can be. Sure...often that's part of the fun in eating wings, but let's be honest...who wouldn't appreciate a cleaner...and just as delicious...option?

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