Tuesday, February 19, 2013

M is for: Miso Soup with Mushrooms {& moving}

Hello my darling blog followers. Once again, I find myself apologizing for the hiatus on e is for eat. My life has been a whirlwind these days, and unfortunately the blog has taken a back seat. Though…not to worry, I promise to bring you several delicious recipes and adventures in the coming weeks. (Starting today!)

The main reason for my absence is because I’m moving. I realize this will come as a shock to those who know just how much I adore San Francisco and all of the culinary treats it has to offer…both in the way of markets and restaurants. I cannot quite yet reveal the reason for the move (though it’s become one of the worst kept secrets in the Bay Area). But in due time, I will let everyone in on the exciting news. In the meantime, I have been doing my best to take full advantage of the short time I have remaining in San Francisco by doing as many things in the city as possible before I leave. (If you follow me on instagram, you have been along for the ride with my #SireSF posts).

One thing that’s been on my “San Francisco List” for awhile is visiting the Alemany Farmers Market. I’ve been to the Ferry Building countless times over my five years…but never to Alemany. Wow…I have been missing out! It was full of delicious produce, and at a fraction of the cost of the Ferry Building market. It was there at the Far West Funghi stall that inspired this Miso Mushroom soup.

Special thanks to my friend Richie (of Hapa Ramen) for the instructions, as well as for providing some of the key ingredients (konbu, wakame & bonito flake). As a favor to my fellow food blogger, Jullie Anne, who has shared several yummy posts here on the blog, I’m sharing this recipe over on her blog…Mangos and Palmtrees. So click here for the easy and delicious recipe, and stay tuned for another mushroom recipe later this week. (And yes…I’m momentarily jumping backwards in the alphabet.) Enjoy!


  1. So sorry to hear you are moving to ESPN. I don't watch it much, so I will miss your smiling face on CSN Bay Area.

  2. You need to go to the Alemany Farmers Market before you head out of town. Only regret though is not covering a Filipino restaurant or culinary event. Still, you got to cover some food places before you taking off. :)

  3. cool! :) it's in a quaint spot at the 101/280 interchange. I remember that place from long ago--it's been around for the longest time. Before you leave at least you got to blog on a Japanese and/or Filipino restaurant/hangout. Appreciate the site--there's more to life than sports and hope for more in the future. Best to you! =)


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