Monday, December 31, 2012

H is for: Happy New Year! {Best of 2012}

2012 was my first full year with E is for Eat...and it's been a fabulous one. There have been many highlights...but in the interest of closing the book on 2012 and looking ahead to 2013...I narrowed it down to just a few. Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane with me, and please have a safe and happy New Year!

1.) Bacon Waffles: I love these waffles...but even moreso, I love the Bacon Bridal Shower I threw for my friend Kim.

2.) Baked Avocado Fries: Who knew that breaded avocado baked in the oven would be so popular? These delicious little morsels are the second-most viewed post on the blog, with 23,000 page views and counting! They are also the most-searched item in terms of google traffic to E is for Eat.

3.) Green Bean Casserole Grilled Cheese Sliders: I *almost* picked the Chicken Parmesan Grilled Cheese, considering that is the all-time most popular post on the blog (almost 27,000 page views). But the chicken parm didn't win bronze in the Wisconsin Grilled Cheese Recipe contest. Not gonna was a proud moment.

4.) Wild Boar Ragu: Speaking of contests...I also had the opportunity to participate in a charity pasta event this fall, and this sauce won second place!

5.) Xacuti: This may not be one of the more popular posts with the masses, but it was one of my proudest moments simply because I had never cooked Indian food before. I even went to an Indian grocery store and taught myself how to open a coconut.

6.) Rally Enchiladas: I love this one because it originated when two things I love and baseball. I created it for #RallyEnchiladas before Ryan Vogelsong's start in the NLCS and reprised it as a great way to use up leftover turkey.

7.) Blood Orange Mimosa Jello Shots: If you read this blog regularly, you know I make a lot of jello shots. These weren't even close to my favorites this year, but they've experienced a late season surge, thanks to a video feature on Buzz Feed and a mention on BoingBoing. 10K page views this month alone!

8.) Strawberry Cheesecake Jello Shots: Now THESE babies I was extremely proud of. I love that the entire jello shot is self contained...and you can pop the entire boozy bite in your mouth. I've made them several times now.

9.) Fernet Ice Cream: On one of those impulse buys at Costco, I came home with an ice cream maker. It was a great purchase. I've made several delicious concoctions, but one of my favorites combined creamy ice cream with one of my favorite liqueurs.

This marks post #170 for the year. Here's to more delicious creations in 2013!


  1. I've been reading your posts for a few months (after "discovering" you during the Giants broadcasts) and you're my favorite food blogger. I've particularly enjoyed your takes on good food in the different cities you've visited as part of your day job. Keep up the posts and Happy New Year


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