Saturday, October 6, 2012

Z is for: Zazie {Restaurant Review}

The issue with really good brunch spots is that it's really hard to actually go to them on the weekends. Of course...weekends are normally the time people go to brunch. Mimosas, coffee, delicious food, and a lazy morning creeping into the afternoon.

Problem is, everyone else usually has the same idea, creating ridiculous wait times and making it almost not worth the trouble. This is why I had never been to Zazie...until recently.

Remember my cousin Erin and little Kenzie? Well they were both in town recently, along with my Aunt Candy. Unfortunately, my work schedule prevented me from hanging out with them as much as I'd like. But I had a Wednesday morning free, giving us the perfect opportunity to finally try Zazie. It was still hoppin' on a Wednesday morning, but no wait, and we even snagged a coveted window booth to spread out with the baby.

I was running a little late, so my Aunt and cousin took the liberty of ordering a piece of housemade cream cheese coffee cake for the table. (Not sure about you, but I, for one, am a huge fan of brunch "starters.") And Oh.Em.Gee. This coffee cake sort of stole the show. Sweet, crumbly, and *creamy*! I loved the cream cheese filling. It was like eating dessert first and I loved every second of it.

I love the atmosphere here. It's very quaint, warm, unassuming, very neighborhood-y. They also have a back patio, which would be lovely on a sunny day. (And when it's not, they have heaters!) Although I've heard the french toast here is ah-mazing, we were all in the mood for eggs. We basically got different versions of eggs benedict. Good eggs benedict completely hinges on the taste and quality of the hollandaise sauce, and Zazie's is top-notch. And while I loved the crispy breakfast complaint here is they go *really* heavy on the garlic. Like...entire cloves of garlic. Like...half potatoes and half garlic. I love me some garlic, but I would say that was a little crazy...even for me.

And look at that adorable cupcake! (I was talking about Kenzie). I can't believe she's four months already. She is the most precious little girl with the biggest blue eyes (not pictured of course because she was tuckered out). I can't wait to see her next!

As for the *other* cupcake in the photo...that is from the new bakery that opened in my 'hood called Sift. My cousin and Aunt were nice enough to bring me one...and I promptly ate it for lunch that day (Don't judge...sometimes cupcakes for lunch are OK). Pink Champagne is the flavor....and...ummmm, love. I heart anything champagne. It's dangerous this place is so close to me. Thanks again Aunt Candy and Cousins Erin and Kenzie for visiting...can't wait until next time!


  1. We have a Sift up here in Santa Rosa, too. Love it. Check out if your Sift has Cruffles. They are bite sized yumminess, and I've been told that eating 5 of them is equal to 1 cupcake.

  2. Hi Jaymee, great to find your blog. I think I heard Gary R or someone else mention it on air not too long ago.

    We love Zazie. Wife and I ate there yesterday for lunch. Really such a charming spot with exceptional food. A gem.

    Go Giants!

    Rick from Mill Valley

  3. This is a busy little place and you have to be prepared to wait sometimes but it is always good. Great brunch and they have a nice outdoor dining area which is popular. I´ve taken friends and family to this place and its always been good.


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