Tuesday, October 30, 2012

C is for: Cincinnati

As I type this, I'm currently somewhere over the Rocky Mountains, flying home after an incredible roller coaster of a ride through the playoffs. Over the past few weeks, I've logged thousands of miles, conducted dozens of interviews, and my head has been soaked with beer and champagne on four different occasions. (I hear it's good for the hair).

And though I can barely keep my eyes open, I wouldn't trade a single second of it for anything.

At this point, my trip to Cincinnati for the NLDS seems like ages ago. And I'll be honest, I didn't expect to stay there for an entire week. The Giants were down 2-0 and looked dead in the water. But that's what I loved about this 2012 team. No matter what was thrown at them this season, they found a way to overcome.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

B is for: Broadway Oyster Bar, Pappy’s, & Taste by Niche {St. Louis}

I honestly don’t know how they keep doing it.

Despite falling down 0-2 to the Reds and then 3-1 to the Cardinals, the San Francisco Giants keep finding ways to win and advance. The best description I’ve heard is they are like cockroaches…they just won’t die. You might be able to kill one, but that just means that 10 more will appear out of nowhere.

Because of this never-say-die attitude, I’m currently on a whirlwind tour of Midwestern Cities, following the Giants as they tear through the MLB postseason. Our first stop was Cincinnati for the NLDS, but in the interest of keeping up with my alphabet theme, I’m waiting until we hit the “C’s” to tell you about the ‘Nati. As I type this, I sit on a flight headed to Detroit, so you can bet that D-town will follow as well. But I begin with St. Louis, where our week started off with Broadway Oyster Bar.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A is for: AQ Restaurant & Bar {Restaurant Review}

This post is long overdue. Sort of like my car insurance premium that I almost forgot to pay this week. As I mentioned before, I can barely remember which city I’m in and I’m pretty sure I’m coming down with a cold. It’s a miracle I can even find my way to the ballpark these days.

But I digress.

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of getting together with a couple of my fellow female co-workers, Kate and Mindi. If our busy lives allowed for it, we would love to do this every month or two. But between me with Giants, Kate with A’s/Raiders and Mindi with 49ers, coordinating those schedules is next to impossible.

We were delighted to find a night that worked for all of us, so I picked out AQ Restaurant & Bar, as I’ve been meaning to check it out for awhile now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A is for: Austin

I woke up this morning and for a second I actually forgot which city I was in.

No, seriously.

In the last two weeks, I’ve been home a grand total of 20 hours. I’ve been to Cincinnati, Austin, back to San Francisco and now St. Louis. And as my loyal E is for Eat followers have noticed, my blogging has understandably taken a back seat to baseball.

You’ll be happy to know I have been diligently taking photos of all of my food adventures over the last couple weeks, and I even have some back-logged posts from before I started my zig-zagging across the country. Only problem is, I haven’t had the time (or energy) to actually write about them and post photos. So I beg your forgiveness and just like my close friends know all too well...I'll be back after baseball season.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

A is for: Any Way You Want It {Vodka RedBull Jello Shots}

It's gonna be Nothin' But a Good Time as you Hit Me With Your Best Shot, take me down to the Paradise City and Pour Some Sugar on Me

Why am I quoting Hair Bands from the 80's? Because it's time for Rock of Ages, available On Demand this month. 

But if you're going to watch some rockstars, it's best to party like one first. And what's the perfect drink to keep that energy going while we Rock You Like a Hurricane? Vodka + RedBull of course. And you know what's even more fun than Vodka RedBulls? Vodka RedBull jello shots. And you know what's even more fun than Vodka RedBull jello shots? Vodka RedBull jello shots shaped like guitars.

Z is for: Zazie {Restaurant Review}

The issue with really good brunch spots is that it's really hard to actually go to them on the weekends. Of course...weekends are normally the time people go to brunch. Mimosas, coffee, delicious food, and a lazy morning creeping into the afternoon.

Problem is, everyone else usually has the same idea, creating ridiculous wait times and making it almost not worth the trouble. This is why I had never been to Zazie...until recently.

Remember my cousin Erin and little Kenzie? Well they were both in town recently, along with my Aunt Candy. Unfortunately, my work schedule prevented me from hanging out with them as much as I'd like. But I had a Wednesday morning free, giving us the perfect opportunity to finally try Zazie. It was still hoppin' on a Wednesday morning, but no wait, and we even snagged a coveted window booth to spread out with the baby.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Z is for: Zombie Jello Shots {guest post}

I'm seriously SOOOO pumped to share this recipe today.

Like, abnormally excited. But then again, I get pretty excited when it comes to jello shots.

My faithful blog readers are likely familiar with Jullie Anne Caparas of Mangoes and Palm Trees. She's done a bunch of guest blogs for me, but this one takes the cake...errr....the jello shot. These sound so delicious and are so creative, I'm just beside myself. So without further ado...here's Jullie Anne!

Hello, everyone! I’m excited to say October is upon us, and Halloween parties are just around the corner. :) I came up with Zombie Jello Shots for this very reason. But, oddly enough, a recent trip to Disney’s California Adventure served as the inspiration for these boozy bites. The “Zombie” is a popular cocktail at DCA’s Cove Bar, where this tiki-bar classic gets a fun twist. Its name and murky green color fit perfectly into the Halloween season, and turning the drink into jello just adds to the festivities. Here’s how to make them!

Y is for: Yuca Fries {baked} with Roasted Jalapeno Aioli

Happy Birthday to E is for Eat!

Today my blog officially turns one year old. Hard to believe this will mark my 218th blog post. Even more impressive...over 475K page views in the blog's first year of existence.

And to celebrate, how about some yuca fries?!?
(Yes, I realize a jello shot would've been more appropriate, but don't worry, those are coming later this week).

But first, let's talk yuca.

It's not spelled yucca, by the way. That's a tree.

Yuca (with one "c" and pronounced "YOO-kah") is also known as cassava or manioc. It's a tuber, similar to a potato. It's also the base for making tapioca. But as a root vegetable, they are perfect for making fries! (Much like their potato cousins).

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Y is for: Youngstown & Beyond {guest post} {Restaurant Review}

I'm very excited to introduce a new guest blogger to E is for Eat today. You may remember my co-worker Matt Maiocco from my post about Ike's Place and the genuine glee he expressed when biting into a Jaymee Sirewich for the first time. Thanks Matt for sharing your culinary adventures from your week with the 49ers!
When the NFL schedule came out in the spring, I did a quick once-over. The first peculiar aspect about the schedule I noticed was that the 49ers would have a Week 3 game in Minnesota followed by a trip to play the New York Jets.

My first thought: "Youngstown, here we come. . . again."

A year ago, the 49ers famously spent a week of preparations in Youngstown, Ohio, hometown of the DeBartolo and York families. The 49ers avoided approximately eight hours of travel time when the remained in the Eastern time zone between games in Cincinnati and Philadelphia.

So, it was an easy guess that 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh would stick with what worked this season, too.

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