Tuesday, May 29, 2012

H is for: House of Prime Rib {Restaurant Review}

Admittedly, I'm a huge fan of New American places. I love spots like NOPA or Frances...restaurants putting their own spin classic dishes with ingredients sourced locally.

But sometimes you don't need reduction sauces and infused cocktails. Sometimes you just need a strong martini and a perfectly cooked piece of meat. It's times like that you come to House of Prime Rib.

By the way, this might qualify as my sister's worst nightmare, as she hates red meat. (Though, to be fair, they do offer a fish option). But that's not why you come to House of Prime Rib. As you might expect, you come here for the Prime Rib. I've had a gift certificate I've been saving for a special occasion. That occasion arose recently when my boyfriend got an amazing new job opportunity.

I love the simplicity of the menu here. Aside from the fish, your options are: prime rib, prime rib or prime rib. No, but seriously, they offer four different cuts of Prime Rib, which are served from the old school silver serving carts that are placed throughout the dining rooms. I opted for the English Cut, which is a thinly sliced Prime Rib (medium rare of course). You have an option of mashed or baked potato and creamed spinach or corn. (I got mashed potatoes and spinach).

They also bring you a fare share of regular bread and corn bread while you sip your dirty martini or your French 75. The salad is prepared table side with house dressing. (Insiders tip: be careful not to load up on bread and salad or you won't have room for your main course and dessert. Though, they will pack up whatever you don't eat so you can take it home and enjoy the next day). Colvin got the baked potato (loaded up table side), and the creamed corn to go with his King Henry VIII cut, which is the largest and most generous Prime Rib cut they offer. Each dinner also comes with yorkshire "pudding" which I think their menu describes best: "a light and airy batter baked to a golden brown dome and fluffy interior to soak up those savory beef juices."

I took my Dad and stepmom here on one of their first visits to San Francisco, and I think Jennea declared it one of her favorite meals ever. It really is superb. They do one thing, and they do it exceptionally. So next time you are looking for the perfect spot to celebrate that special occasion, check out the old school charm of House of Prime Rib. Congrats to Colvin and his new job in L.A.!


  1. They'll even bring you seconds just for the asking!

  2. HOPR!!! My Fav.

  3. Who's the boyfriend?

  4. How much do you think I'd get to eat that at Christmas? :)


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