Thursday, March 8, 2012

W is for: Wayfare Tavern {Restaurant Review}

Very few places can offer up a plate of deviled eggs for $11 and have them be worth it. Afterall, that probably cost them, what, $2-$3 at the most?

But at Wayfare Tavern, they are most certainly worth it, as are the rest of the food on the menu. I've been wanting to try this place for awhile, but I rarely venture over to the Financial District for dinner. This is Tyler Florence's restaurant, and it features a lot of comfort food classed up a bit.

The deviled eggs are topped with crispy shallots and capers, and they are as creamy as they are delicious. Instead of just the standard bread, they serve warm, flaky popovers. And even though you most certainly don't need a second one, you simply can't refuse it when the server comes around offering to fill up your empty bread plate.

I might not have ordered the Steak Frites, had I not seen them come out as we were waiting at the bar for our table. Medium-rare tri-tip, topped with truffle butter and watercress. And served with a side of french fries. (And did I mention truffle butter?!?) They were practically calling my name.

The signature dish is the buttermilk fried chicken. Wayfare does not skimp on the portions in the least. This comes with five pieces of chicken fried in a crispy buttermilk batter with crispy herbs and a hint of lemon. It's crispy on the outside and oh-so-juicy on the inside. This would be a great sharing dish, especially between girls. We also ordered a side of the baked mac 'n cheese, which includes dry jack and a smoked olive oil, and topped with seasoned bread crumbs. The ultimate in comfort food, and it goes great with the fried chicken. (Though, we had leftovers of both).

And even though we were positively too full for dessert, we made room and ordered some anyways. Our fabulous server (and really, the service was awesome all around) recommended the chocolate cream pie. It was a mixture of so many flavors and textures of chocolate that if you are a chocolate lover, you absolutely cannot miss this. Devils food cake, chocolate pudding, and a salty caramel ganache. It was topped with chocolate shavings and this little chocolate "pearls," which I can only describe as dark chocolate covered rice crispies. I loved them!

The ambience is sort of something out of Boardwalk Empire, except without the bowties and fancy dresses. It has an Old San Francisco feel, but with an updated menu. The service is top-notch, and the food is solid. Definitely a place to take the parents when they're here next.


  1. I took my husband there for his birthday and we had the most delicious dinner. We also had the deviled eggs- and we still talk about them. The popovers they bring are amazing- and we wanted to order everything on the menu.I love this place- and can't wait to go back!

  2. How are you already on W?! I hope you're not planning on hanging up your apron strings once you get to Z.

    1. No way! What would I do with my non-existent free time? :)

  3. Love this place. Have been there 4 times & sit at the Chef's Counter each time. Going back in June with a friend who has never been. Fully intend not to eat the whole day before!


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