Tuesday, February 28, 2012

V is for: Vodka, Infused with Citrus

Ever since I tried grilled jalapeno and pineapple tequila in Dallas, I've been dying to try my own hand at infusing liquor.

Recently I had lots of extra oranges and grapefruit in my fridge. Besides making greyhound jello shots or Grand Mimosas, I decided they would be great for making flavored vodka.

I did some internet research on the subject, and I found that it really is as easy as just cutting up some fruit and letting it steep in your alcohol of choice for a couple of weeks.

I segmented two oranges and two grapefruits and added the segments to the empty bottles. Just for good measure, I added some peels from the fruits as well (taking care not to include the white pith). Then I just dumped in the vodka, sealed it up, and stored it away in the cupboard. The result? Pretty tasty! Not as strong of a flavor as if you were to buy an orange or grapefruit vodka in the store, but still very good. And think of all the fun combinations you could do! Lemon-Basil, Watermelon-Mint, Apple Spice...the possibilities are endless! These would also make really cute gift ideas.

I recommend straining the vodka before using it in a drink, but that's not totally necessary...especially if you are just adding it to juice anyways. Have you experimented with infusing alcohol? If so, I would love to hear your flavor combinations and how they turned out!


  1. Did you limit the amount of fruit pith (the bitter white stuff under the skin)?

    1. I did....and I forgot to mention that. Thanks for the note. Amended above.

  2. Great post. Check out "Cordials from your Kitchen" by Pattie Vargas. They have it on Amazon. Has a ton of great recipes for homemade booze.

  3. The orange pieces should be pretty tasty to eat too.


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