Tuesday, February 28, 2012

V is for: Vodka, Infused with Citrus

Ever since I tried grilled jalapeno and pineapple tequila in Dallas, I've been dying to try my own hand at infusing liquor.

Recently I had lots of extra oranges and grapefruit in my fridge. Besides making greyhound jello shots or Grand Mimosas, I decided they would be great for making flavored vodka.

I did some internet research on the subject, and I found that it really is as easy as just cutting up some fruit and letting it steep in your alcohol of choice for a couple of weeks.

I segmented two oranges and two grapefruits and added the segments to the empty bottles. Just for good measure, I added some peels from the fruits as well (taking care not to include the white pith). Then I just dumped in the vodka, sealed it up, and stored it away in the cupboard. The result? Pretty tasty! Not as strong of a flavor as if you were to buy an orange or grapefruit vodka in the store, but still very good. And think of all the fun combinations you could do! Lemon-Basil, Watermelon-Mint, Apple Spice...the possibilities are endless! These would also make really cute gift ideas.

I recommend straining the vodka before using it in a drink, but that's not totally necessary...especially if you are just adding it to juice anyways. Have you experimented with infusing alcohol? If so, I would love to hear your flavor combinations and how they turned out!


  1. Did you limit the amount of fruit pith (the bitter white stuff under the skin)?

    1. I did....and I forgot to mention that. Thanks for the note. Amended above.

  2. Great post. Check out "Cordials from your Kitchen" by Pattie Vargas. They have it on Amazon. Has a ton of great recipes for homemade booze.

  3. The orange pieces should be pretty tasty to eat too.

  4. Jello shots! Hadn't thought all about them with regard to years. my spouse and i will probably see them now; dozens regarding tiny cups glowing throughout color, ready pertaining to an "end-of-exams" celebration. i were impoverished students AND jello shots were cheap to be able to make, fun to be able to drink ALONG WITH were the required ingredient regarding an dorm party. ALONG WITH any person had their jello shot ideas. Jell O is its official state snack

  5. Appetizers, such as smoked fish and cucumbers, are great to have in between vodka sips. Having some food in between will also help in countering the taste and balancing the potency of vodka. Alternately, you can have anything worth eating that you can lay your hands on. what is vodka eye balling


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