Saturday, February 18, 2012

T is for: Tommy V's & Scottsdale Food Finds {Restaurant Review}

For the next two weeks, my home is Scottsdale, Arizona. I'm covering the San Francisco Giants Spring Training for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. What does this mean for the blog, you ask? Well, it means you will be getting lots of great recommendations should you happen to be planning a trip to Arizona for Spring Training or any other reason in the near future. It also means you'll still be getting some recipe ideas from some of my dear friends. (More on that tomorrow).

For Scottsdale restaurant ideas, be sure to check back on this post periodically throughout the next two weeks. I figured it would be easiest to collect restaurant ideas in one convenient place, so I'll continue to update this blog post as I eat at more restaurants. To be honest, I'm not sure how much time we'll many of my suggestions will likely include a lot of late-night dining, but I will do my best to present a well-rounded assortment of spots. (My co-workers support this plan).

Tommy V's Urban Kitchen and Bar
Cuisine: Italian
Price Range: Entrees/Pasta $15-$26
Happy Hour: 11:00 a.m. to 6:30p.m. M-F
Address: 7303 E Indian School Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone Number: (480) 427-2264

On our first night in Scottsdale, two of my co-workers and I didn't have to venture too far for a good meal. With a quick web search, I found that Tommy V's was super close to our hotel and received 4.5 stars on Yelp. {SOLD!} It's Italian food, with a lot of traditional dishes, as well as many unique selections.

We got: calamari for an appetizer, grilled shrimp risotto, pan seared salmon, and chicken parmigiana. Everyone loved their meal, and no complaints whatsoever. My shrimp were seasoned and cooked to perfection, and the chicken parm might be the best I've ever tasted. (Probably because of the heavy hand in the cheese). Other Yelp reviewers also recommend the clam linguine and the butternut squash ravioli. All pastas are made in-house, so if and when we go back in the next two weeks, I will definitely check out one of the pastas just to mix things up (don't worry, I'll report back). Very convenient to Scottsdale Stadium, and a good spot if you like Italian food.

Cuisine: Italian Deli
Price Range: $4.25/half to $8.75/whole sandwiches
Address: 2334 N Scottsdale Rd Ste A133, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Phone Number: (480) 990-8660

For lunch on Saturday, Giants PR guy Matt Chisholm was nice enough to offer to pick up sandwiches while we worked away in the press box. He called ahead to DeFalco's Italian Deli...which is a veteran move, because he said the line is often out the door. It's your typical Italian deli and cold sandwiches. I got the Dried Cured Capacollo, Soppressata and Provolone...half size for just over five bucks. My co-worker Colvin got the Imported Italian Ham and Provolone...a whole size for $6.45. Both were very good...our only complaint was they said they would include the mustard, mayo and Italian dressing on the side, but forgot it entirely. So our sandwiches ended up being a tad dry, but still very good...and I'm sure they would be even better with the condiments. Great cheap lunch spot!

Cuisine: Modern Mexican/Tapas
Price Range: $7-$16 per tapa (small plates for sharing)
Address: 4000 N Drinkwater Blvd, ScottsdaleAZ 85251 (in the Saguaro Hotel)
Phone Number: (480) 970-4444

Here's another great find if you're staying close to Scottsdale Stadium (perhaps you're even planning to stay AT the Saguaro Hotel, where it's located). It's relatively new...part of the renovation this hotel underwent last year. What caught my eye is it's a chef Jose Garces restaurant, of Iron Chef fame. But more importantly, I've eaten at two of his restaurants in Philly, and both were fantastic. It was a little difficult convincing my two male co-workers that tapas were worth our while, but they usually trust my food judgement, and they were thoroughly impressed with this place.

From left to right, starting at the top: 1.) chips, salsa, guacamole with cotija cheese, and complimentary spicy peanuts. LOVED the guac...the salsa was good, but probably not worth 7 bucks. 2.) Los Hongos...basically a Mexican flatbread made on a corn tortilla with three different kinds of mushrooms, including black truffle. Probably my favorite dish of the night. Promise you'll get this if you go. 3.) Hiramasa ceviche...also a winner. Loved the addition of the sangrita sorbet, and the habanero sauce gives it a nice kick. 4.) Pollo tacos...3 to an order. Loved the chipotle flavor. 5.) Fried Mahi Mahi tacos...3 to an order. Loved the red cabbage. 6.) Queso fundido with duck barbacoa. Really good, but super heavy, and it was one of the last things they brought out, so I only had one bite. Served with fresh tortillas. 7.) Spare Ribs with a delicious cider and mustard BBQ sauce...fall of the bone tender, and finger-licking good. Part of the new Barbacoa section of the menu and served with 8.) Jicama Apple 'Slaw (actually, the slaw no longer comes with the ribs, but our waiter had told us it did, so they brought us some anyways. Too bad, it was excellent as well!)

Overall...slightly on the pricier side for tapas, but I would totally go back and definitely recommend it. I'm also intrigued by the weekend brunch menu. Keg & Eggs for 10 bucks?! Yes please. 

Cuisine: Breakfast, Sandwiches, Salads, Wraps, Burgers
Price Range: $6-$9
Address: 2613 N Scottsdale Rd, ScottsdaleAZ 85257
Phone Number: (480) 247-8537

Another great lunch find on North Scottsdale Road. My co-worker JC was nice enough to go pick up food today even though he wasn't hungry enough to eat any himself. D'lish has an assortment of breakfast items, and lots of great options for lunch. The "Man Salad" is highly rated on Yelp...but I opted for the Southwestern Rice Bowl, which had steamed basmati rice, broccoli, corn, chicken, black beans, and enchilada sauce. As the name of the place was d-lish! Colvin got the Turkey Club sandwich, which came on toasted wheat bread. Their California Club breakfast sandwich sounds great too...basically a club sandwich with eggs and pesto. Gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options are clearly marked on their menu. Very reasonable, and they even have a drive-thru!

Grimaldi's Pizzeria
Cuisine: Pizza
Price Range: Pizzas range from $12 to $18, plus extra for toppings
Address: 4000 N Scottsdale RdScottsdale, AZ 85251

After a long day, pizza and Peroni really hit the spot. Grimaldi's is a pizzeria that uses a coal fired brick oven to make their delicious thin-crust pizzas. We got a large, and it easily fed the four of us. We ordered half pepperoni and jalapeno and half sausage, mushroom, and ricotta cheese. We gobbled both up in no time...I definitely recommend getting ricotta on whatever toppings you choose. The only thing I wasn't the biggest fan of was their antipasto, which was mozzarella, olives, salami, and a single basil leaf. (Oh, and roasted red peppers, which we got on the side for my sake. :))

Daily Dose
Cuisine: American
Price Range: Sandwiches and Salads range from $8 to $13
Address: 4020 N Scottsdale Rd, ScottsdaleAZ 85251 Phone Number: (480) 994-3673

For lunch today, we picked up food from Daily Dose, which was a recommendation from a blog follower, via a tweet from Giants pitcher Eric Surkamp. Everything was very good...though I would recommend just eating there as opposed to picking up, as some of the bread and fries got a little soggy on the transport. Apparently, this is a good spot to go if you are hung over, as they have the appropriately named: "Hangover Sandwich."

We were not hung over, just hungry so we had the 1.) Double D Turkey Burger on a Pretzel Bun with sauteed onions and chipotle mayo. This was my order and the favorite of the ones I tried. The only bread that didn't get soggy...LOVED the pretzel bun! 2.) Jim Kozimor got shaved turkey melt with caramelized onions and jalapenos with melted brie cheese. I also liked this one, but would've liked it better with a pretzel bun. 3.) Andy Baggarly got the Old Town Stack, which also came on the pretzel bun with shaved prime rib, swiss, and horseradish mayo. 4.) Colvin got the Southwest Club Wrap, which had turkey, ham, bacon, guacamole and corn salsa. Not pictured is JC's Chicken Cobb sandwich, which I completely forgot to snap a photo. Take his word for it that it was good! :)

Citizen Public House
Cuisine: New American/Gastropub
Price Range: Starters $9-$13, Burgers $13, Entrees $20-$32
Address7111 E 5th Ave Ste E, ScottsdaleAZ 85251
Phone Number: (480) 398-4208

My favorite meal of the trip so far came last night at Citizen Public House. It's listed as a Gastropub...but I would say it's even a little nicer than that, especially with the white tablecloths. Either way, the food is fantastic, and they are open late on the weekends. (Like, til 1:30). They were named best new restaurant last year by the Phoenix New Times, and Esquire had them on their Top 10 new restaurants in the country.

Onto the food. We started with 1.) Bernie's Mac 'N Cheese, which was a mixture of Gorgonzola and Emmental smothering perfectly cooked cavatappi pasta and topped with chilled tomato relish. MMMMM. (You know how I feel about Mac 'N Cheese.) 2.) Pork Belly Pastrami, which is one of their more popular dishes. If you are down with the pork belly, (which I am, but Mom is not), it's fantastic. It's served with rye spaetzle and a Brussels sprout sauerkraut. (And you know how I feel about brussels sprouts). 3.) Both the boys got the lamb burger, which came with pickled cucumber-onion and thick cut fries with house made ketchup. The house made ketchup is laced with roasted red bell peppers so I almost spit it back out, but everything else was good. 4.) I ordered their famous Original Chopped Salad for dinner (even though it's technically a starter), which they mix up tableside. This thing is so popular, it has its own Facebook Page. (No, seriously). It's an eclectic mix of different flavors and textures, but somehow it all works together perfectly. Tomatoes, Israeli cous cous, arugula, currants, pepitas, crispy sweet corn and smoked salmon mixed together at your table with a tangy buttermilk pesto dressing. I loved it so much I actually might go back again tonight and get one to go.  (I'm. So. Tired.) Oh...and if you have room for dessert (which we did not)...check out the bread pudding (coffee and donuts)...I hear it's awesome!

Sandwich Club
Cuisine: Sandwiches/Salads
Price Range: Around $7-$9
Address: 4020 N Scottsdale Rd, Ste 102, ScottsdaleAZ 85251
Phone Number: (480) 990-2582

Tuesday lunch was a nice change since we actually ventured out of the stadium. JC and I chose the Sandwich Club, right next to Daily Dose. Super friendly staff and very reasonable prices. We split the organic spinach salad, which came with apple, blue cheese, pecans, and a raspberry dressing. We also go the grilled brie panini, which had ham, cheese, pesto, garlic aioli and tomatoes. Everything was fresh and tasty...and our bill was under $20. 

Hiro Sushi
Cuisine: Japanese/Sushi Bar
Price Range: Nigiri $5-$10, Specialty Rolls $10-$13
Address: 9393 N 90th St, Ste 116, ScottsdaleAZ 85258
Phone Number: (480) 314-4215

Tuesday night, we were craving sushi so I found us this spot on Yelp, where it received 4.5 stars. Admittedly, I didn't really look how far away it was. Not terribly far, but it's definitely a drive from Old Town. But if you're into sushi, it's well worth it. Super fresh, generous portions, and extremely friendly staff. Plus, half the restaurant was filled Japanese patrons, so that's usually a good sign. Kazu was our sushi chef, and his wife was our server. They made us feel like part of the family and I loved them.

Among some of what we ordered: 1.) Seaweed Salad 2.) Albacore & Toro Nigiri (love, love, love Toro) 3.) Salmon and Tuna Nigiri 4.) Sashimi Dinner, and 5.) Spicy Ribbon Roll, which was filled with spicy tuna and topped with salmon and avocado. They definitely do not skimp on the fish here...check out those generous cuts of sashimi! I'm pretty sure they fly their fish in daily, and it definitely shows. I would 100% go back to this place...really impressed with the food and the service.

Black Chile Mexican Grill
Cuisine: Modern Mexican
Price Range: Entrees $10-$25
Address: 2502 E Camelback Rd, PhoenixAZ 85016
Phone Number: (602) 955-5593

Our co-worker and former baseball player Shawn Estes invited us to Black Chile the other night, which is part of the Biltmore restaurants and owned by a buddy of his. We were in a hurry, so unfortunately we had to eat and run. I was obsessed with the queso. I know I shouldn't eat as much as I do, but whenever it's in front of me, I sort of black out and just keep shoveling it in until my mind realizes what is going on. This one had roasted poblanos and chorizo, and it sort of burns to the bottom in a really awesome way. 

We had: 1.) Queso and Guacamole 2.) Grilled Cotija Corn...cheesy corn. Enough said. Definitely my favorite thing we tried. 3.) Marinated chicken skewers...didn't stand out. 4.) Tomatillo Salad with grilled chicken...loved the dressing. 5.) Strawberry Jalapeno Margarita...awesome flavor, and gorgeous! 6.) Chicken Enchiladas with green sauce...probably my least favorite of the night.

Cuisine: New American
Price Range: Starters $5-$14, Entrees $25-$32
Address: 7133 E Stetson Dr Ste 2, ScottsdaleAZ 85251
Phone Number: (480) 425-9463
*Note: Only open Wednesday-Sunday

I've been targeting FnB ever since I started doing research on Scottsdale restaurants. It was pretty much the unanimous pick for best new Phoenix restaurant in 2010, and the famous braised leeks dish made Food & Wine's Top Ten Dishes of 2010. In fact, the leeks became so popular, they earned their own twitter hashtag, #leekapalooza. Clearly I needed to try them. To be honest, I was so tired the night we went, all I wanted to do was go to bed. But I'm so happy we all powered through, because it was definitely my favorite meal of the trip. (Albeit the most expensive as well...but completely worth it, especially given the large servings). 

Like many San Francisco restaurants, they constantly change the menu depending on what's in season. The wine list is almost all Arizona wines. The cocktails are awesome....I think they change some of these based on the seasons as well. Definitely try one out. I had the Sundowner with Aperol and bubbly. A couple people had the "perfect date" with date-infused bourbon. Two others had a drink with cranberry infused vodka (pictured above).

Among what we ordered: 1.) Falafel...but not your ordinary hockey-puck falafel. This is made to order and when you cut into it, it's crispy on the outside, but creamy on the inside and oh-so-good. Served with a side of radishes and some sort of tzatziki sauce, which was a nice compliment. 2.) The famous braised leeks. Topped with mozzarella, mustard bread crumbs, and a sunny-side-up fried egg. I can see why this dish is so popular. It's such a wonderful mixture of flavors and textures, and I wanted a whole dish to myself. 3.) Andy ordered Lamb tenderloin...expertly cooked to medium rare and served with colorful cauliflower. I had a bite and it was delicious. 4.) Chuck and Colvin ordered the pasta with shrimp and preserved Meyer lemon and topped with seasoned breadcrumbs. Also tasty. Very light and a huge portion. 5.) My dish...the sole, which was cooked on the mesquite grill, which is located in the open kitchen. It was perfectly seasoned and cooked. Might be up there with one of the best fish dishes I've ever had. Served with steamed basmati rice and a simple salsa made with campari tomatoes and a nut of some kind and topped with chard and sunflower shoots. 6.) Matt got the roasted Jidori chicken. As you can see, a huge portion and very juicy. I believe this and the lamb are almost always on the menu, with different accompaniments depending on the season. We also ordered a couple of vegetable sides just to try, but they were probably my least favorite of the evening. Overall, this is a MUST-GO if you are looking for a nice dinner out in Scottsdale.

Oregano's Pizza Bistro
Cuisinie: Pizza, Pasta & PIZOOKIE
Price Range: Pizzas $12-$20
Address: 3622 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone Number: (480) 970-1860

My first time covering Spring Training for Comcast was back in 2008. The first restaurant I tried that trip was Oregano's. It's definitely a Phoenix favorite for visitors and locals alike. I've had everything from salad to pasta to different kinds of pizza. On this visit, the seven of us ordered two types of thin crust: Margherita and BBQ Chicken. We also got a Chicago-style deep pan pizza with sausage, pepperoni and mushrooms. If you're in to thin crust pizza, I actually prefer Grimaldi's (described above). But if you're more of a deep dish person, then Oregano's is your spot. Whatever you order, save room for their famous Pizza Cookie (Pizookie). It's a half pound of cookie dough, slightly baked (so it's still gooey inside) in a small pizza pan and topped with vanilla bean ice cream and more chocolate chips. It's heaven in a pizza pan.

The Mission
Cuisine: Latin American
Price Range: Tacos $12-$16, Entrees $24-$32
Address3815 N Brown Ave, ScottsdaleAZ 85251
Phone Number: (480) 636-5005

Saturday night was definitely in the running for one of my favorite Scottsdale restaurants. If you want a fabulous dining experience with top-notch food, drinks, and service...then definitely check out The Mission while you are here. It's on the pricier side, so like FnB, this would be one of your nicer dinners out in Scottsdale.

My favorite "bite" of the night was the 1.) Tostadas...crispy handmade corn tortillas are topped with chicken thigh, black beans, ham hocks, cotija cheese and aji rocoto, which is a Peruvian hot pepper, and these definitely had some kick to them. 2.) As we sat down, we were greeted with a shot of tequila courtesy of the manager, Brian and Kevin, who helped get us the reservation. This wasn't just any tequila was sipping tequila that was a blend of reposado and two añejo tequilas filtered over diamonds. I'm not joking. Smoothest tequila I've ever had. 3.) We also ordered the pork belly pibil as another starter. This was crispy pork belly, roast garlic black bean puree, pickled red onion, orange, oregano, achiote, avocado crema & banana habanero aioli. Also fantastic. For drinks, I tried the 4.) blood orange margarita and the 5.) Aguacate Margarita. If you know your Spanish, you know that aguacate means avocado. It was fabulous and not weird-green-smoothy-tasting at all. For dinner, Colvin and Steve both ordered 6.) Chimichuri Marinated Hanger Steak, which came with charred leek and scallion soubise (a version of a béchamel sauce), and a tomatillo salad and pan de bono, which is a Columbian cheese bread. Amy G and I split the 7.) Pork Shoulder Tacos (which serve two). They come with a pineapple glaze, red onions, cilantro, and cotija cheese so you can make your own tacos with the 8.) handmade corn tortillas they bring out on a heated rock. We were way too stuffed for dessert, but they were nice enough to bring us a creme tequila for something sweet to finish off the meal. So good! It was like a mix between Bailey's and tequila...I want some for my coffee on the weekends!

Overall, this was a unique dining experience, unlike anything you would get elsewhere. Everything was high quality, well thought out, and most importantly, very delicious. Highly recommended!

Don & Charlie's
Cuisine: Classic American
Price Range: Burgers $11 to Steaks $30+
Address: 7501 E Camelback Rd, ScottsdaleAZ 85251
Phone Number: (480) 990-0900

I'll admit it. I'm more of a new-school gal rather than an old school girl when it comes to restaurants. (i.e. why I loved FnB and The Mission so much). So I wasn't expected to be blown away at Don & Charlie's. I knew it would be solid, but I had no expectations beyond that. My expectations were exceeded thanks to some solid food and a fabulous waiter (Hershy is the BEST!) There's a reason why this place is a favorite of players, coaches, and fans alike (Giants Clubhouse Mainstay "Murph" is a regular). As these people know, sometimes you just need a damn good steak and ribs or a fatty baked potato and some banana cream pie. You can get exactly that at Don & Charlie's. For me, it's the ultimate comfort food because it reminds me of the types of things I ate growing up in Montana. Not to mention, if you're a baseball fan (which, if you're still reading this blog post, I assume you are) the walls are plastered wall-to-wall with photos and memorabilia. (Pst...check out who we spotted on the wall...)

Onto the food. We got: 1.) Fried calamari 2.) Wedge salad 3.) Loaded baked potato 4.) Cheeseburger 5.) New York Strip Steak 6.) Filet Medallion Trio 7.) Award winning BBQ Baby Back Ribs 8.) Cheesecake 9.) Vanilla Creme Brulee with Dark Chocolate center 10.) Banana Cream Pie with a side of hot fudge (recommendation and desserts, courtesy of Hershy!)

Arcadia Farms Cafe
Cuisine: American (Breakfast, Lunch)
Price Range: $9-$15
Address: 7014 E 1st Ave, ScottsdaleAZ 85251
Phone Number: (480) 941-5665

Sunday was my lone off day of the trip, and I took advantage by meeting up with one of my very good friends, Melissa. Mel is about a week away from giving birth to her first child, so we decided to add a short walk to our brunch plans and go to Arcadia Farms Cafe. (She is doing anything to get that baby moving!) What a cute little spot. They have a lovely back patio area that was perfect for the warm Arizona day. I got an egg white omelet with goat cheese, spinach and mushrooms. Mel ordered the French Toast. Everything was great...and the lunch menu looked yummy as well.

Cowboy Ciao
Cuisine: New American
Price Range: Appetizers $7-$15, Entrees $24-$35
Address: 7133 E Stetson Dr Ste 1, ScottsdaleAZ 85251
Phone Number: (480) 946-3111

On Monday evening, my friend and co-worker, Devon, was also in Arizona. The original plan was to all go AZ88, but as we were walking out the door, the boys started dropping like flies. Devon and I called an audible and went to Cowboy Ciao instead. Since she was in a hurry, we sat at the bar and immediately informed our bartender, Cameron, that we needed to eat and drink quickly. We also needed a rundown of the gluten-free items on the menu. Cameron was on it. We had our food in no time, and he even brought us a complimentary glass of wine to go with our mushroom dish. We were in and out in less than 30 minutes. Cameron was awesome! 

Also, all week, I had been under the impression that Cowboy Ciao and Citizen Public House (above) were owned by the same people. What we learned from Cameron is the chef at CPH actually started at Cowboy Ciao...which is why they both have identical chopped salads. From left to right we ordered: 1.) My delicious drink...which I cannot find the name for and didn't write down. (Rookie move!) It had gin in it and it was very refreshing. 2.) Burrata, that's not a fried egg in the photo. It's the creamiest burrata ever, served with avocado, arugula, radish, and fried shallots. 3.) Stetson Chopped Salad...exact same as the one I gushed over at CPH. We got ours without the cous cous for the gluten free girl. :) and 2.) Exotic Mushroom Pan Fry...this is one of their signature dishes, but they offer a smaller portion, which was perfect for us. It was a mixture of 9 different types of mushrooms in an ancho cream sauce over double-cooked polenta, topped with grilled portabellini, avocado, tomato and cotija cheese. 

1.) Echo Coffee: Go for the coffee, where each cup is brewed individually, but stay for the small food offerings. The Turkey and Brie Panini was awesome.

2.) Chik-fil-a: I’m not one to frequent fast food joints, but Chik-fil-a is different. They offer delicious and healthy options like the grilled chicken sandwich on a whole wheat bun with a side of fresh fruit.

3.) Frashers: Another good option for steak in Scottsdale, though I can only vouch for the peppercorn steak soup and the toasted ravioli (half cheese/jalapeno, half meat). Both hit the spot after a long day.

4.) Blue 32 Sports Grill: The food is nothing special, but this is a great sports bar if you’re looking for a place to watch March Madness games. I did particularly enjoy the fried pickles and the Buffalo chicken flatbread.

I received a lot of other restaurant recommendations, but we ran out of time. Here are some  of the other options in the area that people recommended: Carlsbad Tavern, Culinary Dropout, Hakana Sushi, House of Tricks (Tempe), Italian Grotto, Italian Restaurant (Phoenix), Jave Me Crazy, Lola, Los Dos Molinos (Mesa), Lux, Modern Steak, Olive & Ivy, Pizzeria Bianco (Downtown Phoenix), Windsor.

And...just for fun, I included a few photos from our "wrap party" which was held at Andy's rental house. Finally! After two weeks of eating out, I got to get back in the kitchen. It was a joint effort, but we made jello shots, blood orange mojitos, Greek salad, shaved brussels sprouts salad, lamb sliders stuffed with feta and topped with a mint-cucumber sauce, and chicken skewers with mint and red onion.

For those heading to Spring Training, I hope you have a great time and get a chance to sample some of these great restaurants. Feel free to comment below on what you thought of them, or if you have other recommendations I may have missed. Go Giants!


  1. If you get down to Tempe, try the House of Tricks. VERY good.

    1. our crew ate at "House of Tricks" in 2012 - EXCELLENT! considering it again for our 2013 Spring Training road trip

    2. Our crew ate at "House of Tricks" in 2012 - considering it again for the 2013 Spring Training road trip - EXCELLENT!

  2. Thanks, Jaymee. Enjoy reading your reviews. Last fall, Eric Surkamp tweeted with praise of Daily Dose Grill on N. Scottsdale. It's on my list to try. Sangria! "Best Hangover Breakfast" 4 stars on Yelp

    1. Awesome...thank you! I usually don't get up early enough to have much more than a Starbucks breakfast wrap, but if I have time, I'll definitely check it out! I wonder how their lunch is?

    2. Yay! You tried it. Sounds like you liked it. I'll be in Scottsdale in 3 weeks so I'll have to visit Daily Dose and some of your other finds.

  3. Lucky you getting to cover spring training! My husband is a TV photographer, and I know when he travels for work is usually means more work than play :) The food looks delish!

    1. Definitely more work than play...that's for sure! 14 hour days are rough, but the food makes it bearable. :)

  4. Jave Me Craze on Camelback is a good inexpensive sandwich spot close to the stadium, and run by a big Giants fan. Try "George's Favorite."

  5. You should try Daily Dose for breakfast, too, one of our favorites. (And The Breakfast Club, too).

    Need some new dinner ideas for our visit in a few weeks, so looking forward to your reviews!

  6. I love Grimaldi's - I have been to the one under the Brooklyn bridge and the one on Scottsdale Rd is amazingly similar

    A couple places I am surprised weren't on your list - the Italian grotto (We missed Brian Wilson there by 20 min last year) and Oregano's (Sat near Cain for lunch)

    I actually have a Yelp list of places I love down there, although I laughed when I realized half of them are bars!

    1. Yes...been to Oregano's a few times...including last night. Added it above!

  7. Plenty of great food in Scottsdale, but amazing options a couple miles out as well.

    We love Windsor on Central just south of Camelback, American style fare & not too pricey. Plus they also own Churn which is next door - homemade Ice cream, legit. They have a wall made out of cassette tapes from the 80's, love it.

    When it comes to coffee and pastries, nothing comes close to Lux or Lola on Central as well.

    all three of these joints are about 10 miles from SS.

  8. Jaymee – Thanks for putting this together. Our family is headed to Scottsdale tomorrow (from Washington, DC) to see the Giants and this list is exactly what we need! Can’t wait to try some of these.

  9. Fantastic blog, heading to Scottsdale for 4 days this March for some games, will definitely check out a couple of these places. Thanks!

  10. Jaymee,
    You are now my very favorite CSNBA sportscaster! Not only are you a sports girl, but you write a great food review as well. So glad you linked your food blog on the Comcast website and loved reading about what Koz and Baggs had for lunch. Haven't been to spring training in a few years, but my wife and I are heading down next week. Looking forward to trying some of the new places you wrote about. Gonna have to hit Tommy T's, Daily Dose and the Mission along with the old stand by of Don & Charlie's. Have a great year in broadcasting and GO GIANTS!

  11. My fav Scottsdale food place last weekend was Beckett's Table. Fresh pink grapefruil greyhound ocktails at The Vig were amazing too.

  12. Excellent list! My wife and I love DeFalco's. Their proscuitto sandwiches are simple yet delicious. Lon's at The Hermosa Inn is really great as well. If we've worked up a real appetite for dessert, we usually go with The Sugar Bowl in Old Town Scottsdale.


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