Thursday, January 26, 2012

S is for: Super Bowl Snacks, Part I: Super Sliders

I know what you're thinking: S week doesn't start until February 5th.

And you're right. But here's the thing: February 5th also happens to be Superbowl Sunday. And being the sports girl that I know I have some great recipes cooking for the big game. In fact, I have NINE different mini-sized munchies for your Super Bowl parties, which you will need to start planning for well before the 5th.

So yes, I'm slightly breaking the rules of my own blog, but it's my blog, so I am allowed to do whatever I want. I will still be finishing Q week, and I will still do R week. But just know there will also be some premature "S" posts scattered throughout.

I'm also extremely excited to announce I'll be posting these recipes over on Brit is like the tech-savvy Martha Stewart of our generation, with creative ideas for everyday living. I'm so honored to be featured in her food section! So head on over to Brit's site and check out the first of my three posts: Super Sliders!

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  1. Love it ! This is great for parties ! Thanks for sharing :)


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