Wednesday, January 18, 2012

P is for: Pulled Pork Paninis

Pulled Pork Paninis with Caramelized Onions & Homemade BBQ sauce
I own a lot of kitchen appliances. Probably way too many for my tiny apartment and miniscule kitchen. But I love them. And I find room for all of them. And I cheerfully added another when my cousin bought me a panini maker for Christmas. I decided to pair it with one of my other favorite appliances, my All Clad Slow Cooker to make these awesome pulled pork paninis.

Even more exciting than my kitchen appliances...I'm guest-posting this recipe on my friend Karen's blog, 365 Days of Slow Cooking! Karen and I go way back to our days at Great Falls High School...maybe even middle school too. (It all sort of blurs together at this point.) I was tempted to dig up an old high school photo to post, but didn't think anyone needed to see how awkward I was back then. Years later, we've reconnected on Facebook and through our food blogs. Karen is truly an inspiration. A couple years ago, she set out on a project to use her slow cooker every day for a year. She accomplished her mission and wrote a cookbook. And guess what?? She has another one coming out this spring. So if you're into slow cooking, definitely buy her book when it becomes available, and in the meantime head over to her site to get the recipe for these pulled pork paninis.


  1. Yay! So do you love your all clad slow cooker? I heard they are awesome. Can you brown stuff in it over the stovetop?
    Thanks for not posting a picture of me. I'm sure I was the awkward one and not you!!!

    1. I do love my All-Clad! Yes, there's a removable insert you can use on the stove. I use it to brown stuff if the recipe calls for it, or sautéing onions, etc quickly before pouring everything in. It's awesome! Oh, and it was a picture from Senior year prom. I looked so gross!

  2. OMG!!! The Simmzy's Pulled Pork Panini is my FAVORITE sandwich ever; it's dangerous to have this recipe accessible to me :)

  3. I love paninis. I've never made a pulled pork but will try it soon.

  4. This is a very delicious panini recipe! Meat lovers will surely enjoy eating this. Thanks for sharing a very wonderful recipe.


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